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Uppsala University begins its CRM journey with Azorus.
A unique integration between Azorus CRM and NyAOpen, the Swedish Application Service will enable Uppsala to provide a better experience for prospective students and applicants.
Uppsala Universitet of Sweden selects Azorus CRM

Azorus Inc., one of the worlds leading CRM solutions for student recruitment in higher education, has been chosen by Uppsala University in Sweden to help with their student recruitment and admissions management needs.


Stephen MacDonald, CEO of Azorus expressed his pleasure at working with the oldest university in Sweden and the Nordic countries. “It is always gratifying to be able to work with universities in different countries, and we feel very fortunate to be able to partner with Uppsala, one of the finest universities in all of Sweden and among the top 100 in the world. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with the fantastic team at Uppsala and helping them on their new CRM journey."

Azorus offers powerful custom integration features and a fully multi-lingual platform, enabling us to easily expand into new markets, including our recent launch in Sweden.
The overall purpose of recruitment at Uppsala is to get the right student into the right programme, with the right expectations. In that endeavour, it is imperative that relevant information is delivered to the right prospective student at the time they need it. To that end, a CRM system is essential.
From contract signing to onsite training in only 60 days!

Azorus was selected based on its purpose-built CRM platform, its unrivaled reputation in the sector, and its ability to integrate with the Swedish application service NyA, which was central to the procurement process conducted by Uppsala.


The contract was signed in late December 2022, the system was deployed in January and training was completed in mid-March. The system is currently live with a link to NyAOpen.


With the addition of this university, Azorus Inc. establishes a presence in the Scandinavian part of Europe, building a growing presence in continental Europe that started in the Netherlands.

Uppsala University uses many of our key CRM components to help them recruit more of the right students. 

Prospective Student Lead Scoring

Targeted Personalised  Communications

Integration with NyA Open

Multi-Language Capabilities

Lead Capture Management

Event Management

Would you like to learn more?

Click the link below and we will be pleased to respond to see if we can help your institution recruit more of the right students. 

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