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Edge Hill University and Azorus.
A partnership that continues to evolve and grow.
How a clear vision led the way into the world of 
CRM for Higher Education 
Taking the plunge with CRM

Going back to 2010, Edge Hill University recognized they needed to “take the plunge into the world of CRM for higher education and implement a solution.” The university had a clear vision of what it wanted right from the start. 

The initial focus for the university was on student recruitment and the Edge Hill team, led by Liam Owens, Director of Student Recruitment wanted functionality for managing all their different events, particularly Open Days, a platform for personalised communications including email templates, SMS, calling campaigns, and a database that would allow reporting and analysis. And importantly, Edge Hill needed a system that would allow the admissions team to also engage with applicants with an integration to their student record system, Quercus by Ellucian.


“But the biggest thing we needed was a supplier with the flexibility to deliver what we needed and not just a cookie-cutter solution. We knew we didn’t want a commercial solution that was not specifically designed for the unique needs of the higher education sector.”

Azorus has been a real partner. They never felt like just a supplier, and I say that quite genuinely. 
From recruiting students to now helping currently enroled students. The CRM journey continues to evolve.

The CRM project continues to evolve at Edge Hill University and again, Liam Owens is at the helm of another big change. "When we selected Azorus over a dozen years ago, it was clear that their solution was very flexible and could adapt to meet our needs.


Given the tremendous success we have had with the system helping us meet our student recruitment goals, I wondered if these same capabilities could be used with currently enroled students. The answer was a resounding yes and we are now implementing the Azorus CRM system for all of our enroled students with a link to Quercus." 

Some of the Azorus CRM components that Edge Hill uses to gain a competitive advantage.

Prospective Student Lead Scoring

Targeted Personalised  Communications

Integration with Quercus by Ellucian

Currently enroled students

Lead Capture Management

Event Management System

Together we continue to innovate and push the boundaries. 

“We want to use our CRM solution from Azorus to keep innovating, keep looking for new ways of doing things, keep finding more efficiency in what our staff is doing, and get better results.


Having the ability to work with a team like Azorus that shares our view of innovation just makes the whole experience that much more pleasurable. We knew that just acquiring a CRM system would only put us on a level playing field. If we want to get an advantage, we must have a unique system and use it better than anyone else. Finally, we are working with a company that can do that for us.”

Would you like to learn more?

Click the link below and we will be pleased to respond to see if we can help your institution recruit more of the right students. 

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