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Purpose-built for
Higher Education 

Why would you want to work with us?

1.    We have been a partner with our clients in North America & Europe since 2005 and are experts in designing, developing and delivering a fully hosted CRM solution that is purpose-built for the higher education sector. 

2.    We provide the best time-to-value in the industry. Our structured deployment means you get the benefits of the CRM system faster. In simple terms, time to value is how quickly our customers realise the value we provide. In the case of an institution or department procuring a CRM system:  how long does it take to actually get the system ‘up & running’ so that the benefits (value) can be realised? Depending on the approach you choose, our implementation experts can have you up and running in only weeks.

3.    Your solution is future-proof. Our approach to developing our software is that it is constantly evolving. As an agile software company, we are constantly creating new features or enhancements to your CRM tools. You do not pay for these upgrades… it is included in your annual license. 

4.     Unlimited use and simple pricing with no surprises. There is no cost per number of users with the Azorus CRM solution nor is there any cost associated with volume or throughput (SMS is pay-as-you-go). You are able to create as many forms or events or even send as many emails as you choose with the pricing being fixed for the contract period.

5.    Always there for you. Our service is unrivalled. Ask any of our customers. It is why we have been successful in working with universities & colleges in North America and Europe since 2005. Our Client Care Managers will support your team through the implementation and beyond ensuring you derive the maximum value and results from the system. 

6.    Fully hosted and GDPR compliant – The Azorus solution is a cloud-based system and can be implemented easily with virtually no IT involvement. Once the system is up & running, there is no need for your IT department to support the application other than for possible integration options that you may choose with your admissions/SIS system. Built into the system are the necessary GDPR compliance management tools. In addition, we also maintain updates on data privacy and security legislation that affects all our clients. 

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