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Implement our system in
as little as six weeks.

Our structured approach gives you
the benefits of CRM faster.

Time to value is how quickly our customers realise the value we provide. In the case of an institution or department procuring a CRM system - how long does it take to actually get the system up & running so that the benefits (value) can be realised? Depending on the approach you choose, our implementation experts can have you up and running in only weeks.


​This is the most efficient path to enhancing the student experience and getting a faster return on your CRM investment. 


This is how we do it:



In the initial stage, we define the 'pain points' and then prioritise what tools will be delivered to help you overcome your current challenges. Once we have a clear understanding of what needs to happen, we move to the set-up stage where we establish your new CRM instance.


The set-up of the Azorus CRM system is very simple, enabling us to roll out a blank ready-to-use test-version immediately upon project execution. Our onboarding process will help you with the basic building blocks of CRM as well as more advanced campaigns and processes helping you reach your objectives faster. 

At this early stage, it is key to get the foundational elements correct. From our many years of experience working with a wide variety of institution types, we will set up the system covering areas such as:

  • Student journeys

  • Lead and applicant conversion

  • Communication plans (enquiry and applicant)

  • Event management

  • Subject-specific content

  • Campaign ROI tracking, reporting

  • Identifying how the CRM will interact with your website




Once the system is online but not yet live, we will go through the startup support phase with your team. At this stage, the goal is to expose your team to as much information and best practices so you are able to make the most of your CRM platform. 

We acknowledge that implementing a CRM system can be challenging as it oftentimes represents a different way of doing business. As such, we will assess any significant change management challenges and address these as we roll out the solution. We typically provide both onsite training as well as web-based training sessions for your teams, however during the pandemic, we are currently only providing online support. We have an extensive training library of videos and documentation for the CRM system. The initial personalised training sessions will cover everything from how to create content, to running an open day to building advanced communication campaigns. We provide a secondary layer of ongoing training through online webinars. 



In this phase of the project, the system moves from staging to the live production environment. All of the various public-facing aspects of the system will be available for your prospective students to engage with. While this may be the end of the implementation process, it is just the beginning of your CRM journey as we now move to the operational support phase.


Expert advice and support are only a call or email away, and with weekly monitoring you are in good hands. After the implementation phase is completed - when we have helped you design your communication plans, and delivered training - we will move to our ongoing business routine. This includes weekly calls to make sure everything is on track and to deliver the necessary top-up training on a regular basis.


Because Azorus is an agile software company, we typically strive to have three-week sprint release cycles. These sprints include new features, enhancements and improvements. For each new release, we host an online webinar so you can see and hear about everything that’s been added, and how to use the new features. These webinars are also recorded for your future reference for those that can’t attend the designated new release timeslot. 


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