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Insight from analytics

CRM for Student Recruitment - Azorus provides a number of different ways to access key business data from the CRM system. As an overarching principle, Azorus stores every interaction a student has with the system, with a detailed history of their engagement (behaviour) which then can be used to assess trends, ROI of activities, and help predict if the client university is on track for the particular year of entry. Because Azorus provides our clients with the ability to create their own custom fields (unlimited), we needed to provide the ability to report on each and every data field in the system.

This data is easily accessible from within the standard reporting function, which allows administrators to find cohorts of students who share similar values, and then extract any data Azorus holds on the prospective student. Administrators can build unlimited reports which are ideal for evaluating particular campaigns, or even for different faculties. 


undergraduate_conversion (1).png
open_day_event_registration (1).png
event_conversion (2).png

Dashboards - Azorus also provides an advanced data visualisation suite of Dashboards. These visually appealing dashboards are comprised of widgets that provide insight into key business performance metrics such as:

  • event bookings and attendance

  • applicant data

  • form submissions

  • UTM

  • origins

  • emails

  • prospectus and brochure requests

  • student journeys from enquiry to firm

  • subjects of interest

  • client-specific campaigns via custom fields

A laptop showing a report with two graphs on student conversion numbers, an example of the analytics insights as they are available in the Azorus CRM platform.
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