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Warwick Open Day

Exceeding the expectations of both students and staff

Warwick use Azorus to help current students stay connected



During the pandemic, the University of Warwick were keen to put on virtual events to engage their current students. Over 7000 students were still on campus or living in the surrounding area but were not able to socialise in the normal way. They wanted to make their students feel part of the Warwick community and so they launched Warwick Presents. 

There were many departments involved in the project from the Arts Centre and Sports Centre to the Students’ Union and food and retail outlets. Their challenge was to come up with some fun things for students to do, safely.

Azorus was a key element in promoting the events via email as well as the management of the activity bookings using the event and form features of the system.

The CRM Team were able to set capacities for events within Azorus, where limited tickets were available due to restrictions. They could also utilise the form capabilities of Azorus to create simple booking forms e.g. for ice skating, virtual escape rooms, art classes and Chinese lantern-making sessions.

More complicated booking forms were used to gather more information. A free Christmas meal form needed menu options and the ability to select if students were self-isolating. A Zoom chef cook-along form needed dietary requirements for the box of ingredients. 

Azorus features were used more creatively to allow students to book onto Taskmaster-type challenges where the emails they received included videos. 

Richard, CRM Manager at Warwick said, “It was like using Azorus for student recruitment events, but differently. We used it creatively for a bit of fun.”

By using Azorus to manage the bookings, over 5000 students took part in Covid-safe, Warwick Presents activities.

Warwick Student Welfare team utilize Azorus Call Campaign Manager


At the start of the pandemic, a Welfare Check Team, at the University of Warwick began calling students who were self-isolating. Phase two involved calling students in the local area, regardless of whether they were self-isolating. The drawback was their reliance on printed spreadsheets with no method for recording the outcomes of the calls.

The CRM team at Warwick suggested using Azorus for the call campaigns instead, to streamline the process, make it more secure and allow them to report effectiveness of the call campaign. 

There were 15 staff on the call centre who had been furloughed from their existing roles at the University. The calls were categorised within Azorus to flag up any potential follow-up required regarding the wellbeing of the student and any learning support, wellbeing or isolation concerns. 

The benefit of using Azorus for the call campaign was the visibility of the student’s record, which could be referred to during the calls. Several phone numbers were available on the student’s record whereas a print-out of the spreadsheet would only have one phone number.

Jill from the Welfare Check Team hadn’t used Azorus before, but said, “We found the Azorus system to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. We will definitely look to use Azorus again for future call campaigns.”

Not only did they utilise Azorus for the call campaign they also used the forms feature to create an email campaign to communicate with current students to find out where they were living during the lockdown. They used this information to plan activities and ensure there were adequate study spaces. 29,000 students were sent the email and over 50% responded.
Students were directed to a form prepopulated with their contact information that was stored in Azorus. Students could then update their details and Azorus would update automatically. This information allowed the Team to segment the database and target particular groups of students for their call campaign. 

In total, the Welfare Check Team were able to call 11,500 students with the help of Azorus and then increase calls even further to phone students who were based in the UK and some overseas.



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