Personalised communications

Pick your channel.
Powerful, easy to use and unlimited.

Creating connections with your prospective students is easy with Azorus. The platform provides a variety of different channels and integration options. And unlike other providers, we do not charge for users (seats) or usage. 

Unlimited email

Email continues to be a vital channel for your prospects. Create unlimited personalised emails and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • create an unlimited number of emails and templates for any number of desired purposes, i.e. invitations, newsletters, updates, departmental communications

  • personalised campaigns by triggering emails to students with specific personal attributes and interests

  • create the email with dynamic content based on any data stored against the prospective student record

  • use placeholders to personalise an email with any field within the database, i.e., first name, year of entry, high school

  • set the display ‘from’ name and email address for each email

  • choose the start and stop dates for each email

  • track the number of emails sent, total opened, unique opens, total links clicked, unique links clicked, bounced emails, top openers, top links clicked, and opt-outs

  • configure the templates with many options such as fonts, border, background colour, headers and footers

  • edit the content source code directly should you wish to add further custom styling

  • drill down into each of the trackable elements to view a detailed list of contacts

  • choose to send to an audience using filters within the system or upload a distribution list

  • save all emails for future use and re-use content which makes updating and internal sign-offs easy


Pay as you go

  • set up automatic SMS to send reminders 'x' days before an event with reminder details, or even on the day itself to attendees, with the latest information and updates

  • create powerful filter segmentation rules to send SMS to whomever you need, whenever you want. Or upload a list of people you need to contact via this channel

  • an inbox to manage responses and reply to students all on one screen

  • send reminders relating to other aspects of the systems, such as students not opening interview invitations, or ‘x’ number of days after completing a form

  • personalise your SMS with placeholders from their student record, such as name or subject of interest

  • dashboards to show telephone number validation, failure reports, duplicate management, credit, and spend per phone number

  • send from local, international, and Alphanumeric numbers

  • see conversations against the student's record



Integrated calling

  • generate campaigns of 'people to be called' using segmentation tools to create audiences; such as those who haven’t booked an open day yet, or need a reminder call for an upcoming applicant day

  • each call campaign shows you how many people are left to call, and in what status each student is who has already been called

  • use reports to measure the success of calls and to measure their impact afterwards

  • create custom outcomes for call campaigns to tailor the qualitative and quantitative data descriptions of how each student interacted with your campaign

  • set numerical scores for outcomes to help measure successful descriptive outcomes and negative outcomes to trigger follow-up actions

  • choose which data your call handlers can see, limiting their view to just what they need to know

  • different screens are provided for supervisors versus call handlers to improve their respective experiences

  • record notes against each call and see a timeline of the students call history, including notes from previous calls

  • link with softphones and VOIP systems to call automatically from within Azorus

  • automatically trigger further actions based on a call campaign interaction, such as sending an email with content based on the call

  • no answer from your call? Put a student into ‘cool down’ for a customised period of time before calling again



Personalise special documents for your prospects & applicants


Create dynamic and engaging print and digital literature with placeholders and dynamic content. With our easy to use documents module you are able to create ‘mail merge’ documents, or personalised postcards.


  • Send print or digital versions, either by targeting prospects, or allowing them to request them via a form.

  • Create groups of documents that are shared, or sent together. For example, create a document group of “International welcome pack” which could include items such as; Application form, T&Cs, and course promotional material.

  • Design documents with placeholders and dynamic sections, which allows your literature to be highly personalised.

  • Use existing images and content from the CRM, and convert into PDF so your audience can engage easily.



Create a web portal for prospects, applicants or even current students

The portal generates a personalised view of your institution and contains information pertinent to each prospective student, applicant or enroled student. The portal can even be used to organise all your virtual events in one location.

Students are invited to register their interest and will be directed to their personal self-service portal. This can be done directly from a variety of touch-points: the home page of your University’s website, within the study section, via an email, at a fair etc.

  • The portal delivers a personalised, relevant and unique experience for each student.

  • The content also displays in real time, so should the student change information on their profile or their interests, the page will automatically update and display any changes.

  • All activity on the portal is tracked for reporting and targeting purposes. If certain content is “read” or a portal link is clicked, this information gets stored against the student's user profile.

  • Administrators can also customize the look and feel of the portal by editing the CSS code to reflect the identity and branding of your institution.

  • With this open configuration capability, your institution can design the portal to look virtually any way you choose.



Define special organisations with membership properties

Create Organisations such as Schools and Agencies within the system, which you can attach students and agents to respectively. Clients are then able to segment Users based on which Organisations they belong to, as well as their ‘membership values’ within those Organisations. For example, you could target ‘Head Teachers’ across all Organisations classed as a School.



  • Setup Organisations, with their own descriptive properties such as Schools, Colleges, Agencies and other Organisations for B2B;

  • Add Users to multiple Organisations to show their complex relationships with different entities. View this from User profiles to get a unified view of their relationships;

  • Create fields for the Organisations, and the values assigned against their members.

  • Track relationships, activities and communications with your organisations;

  • Communicate with your Schools and Agents based on their properties. For example, find and email all Agencies where their contract is about to expire.