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Unlimited email

Email continues to be a vital channel for your prospects. Create unlimited personalised emails and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • create an unlimited number of emails and templates for any number of desired purposes, i.e. invitations, newsletters, updates, departmental communications

  • personalised campaigns by triggering emails to students with specific personal attributes and interests

  • create the email with dynamic content based on any data stored against the prospective student record

  • use placeholders to personalise an email with any field within the database, i.e., first name, year of entry, high school

  • set the display ‘from’ name and email address for each email

  • choose the start and stop dates for each email

  • track the number of emails sent, total opened, unique opens, total links clicked, unique links clicked, bounced emails, top openers, top links clicked, and opt-outs

  • configure the templates with many options such as fonts, border, background colour, headers and footers

  • edit the content source code directly should you wish to add further custom styling

  • drill down into each of the trackable elements to view a detailed list of contacts

  • choose to send to an audience using filters within the system or upload a distribution list

  • save all emails for future use and re-use content which makes updating and internal sign-offs easy


Pay as you go

  • set up automatic SMS to send reminders 'x' days before an event with reminder details, or even on the day itself to attendees, with the latest information and updates

  • create powerful filter segmentation rules to send SMS to whomever you need, whenever you want. Or upload a list of people you need to contact via this channel

  • an inbox to manage responses and reply to students all on one screen

  • send reminders relating to other aspects of the systems, such as students not opening interview invitations, or ‘x’ number of days after completing a form

  • personalise your SMS with placeholders from their student record, such as name or subject of interest

  • dashboards to show telephone number validation, failure reports, duplicate management, credit, and spend per phone number

  • send from local, international, and Alphanumeric numbers

  • see conversations against the student's record



Integrated calling

  • generate campaigns of 'people to be called' using segmentation tools to create audiences; such as those who haven’t booked an open day yet, or need a reminder call for an upcoming applicant day

  • each call campaign shows you how many people are left to call, and in what status each student is who has already been called

  • use reports to measure the success of calls and to measure their impact afterwards

  • create custom outcomes for call campaigns to tailor the qualitative and quantitative data descriptions of how each student interacted with your campaign

  • set numerical scores for outcomes to help measure successful descriptive outcomes and negative outcomes to trigger follow-up actions

  • choose which data your call handlers can see, limiting their view to just what they need to know

  • different screens are provided for supervisors versus call handlers to improve their respective experiences

  • record notes against each call and see a timeline of the students call history, including notes from previous calls

  • link with softphones and VOIP systems to call automatically from within Azorus

  • automatically trigger further actions based on a call campaign interaction, such as sending an email with content based on the call

  • no answer from your call? Put a student into ‘cool down’ for a customised period of time before calling again



Creating connections with your prospective students is easy with Azorus. The platform provides a variety of different channels and integration options. And unlike other providers, we do not charge for users (seats) or usage. 

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