In addition to collecting data, forms are often the first point of contact that prospects will have with your institution, so they need to be intuitive, fast and effective. Our Lead Capture capabilities are designed to help Marketing & Recruitment teams quickly and easily create interactive and professional-looking web forms.

Features of this module:

  • build as many forms as you wish for any data collection purpose

  • set minimum and maximum number of selections for a group of checkboxes and drop-down lists

  • easily define the URL of the form

  • set form specific submission actions (what happens after submitting the form) 

  • choose an email to be sent and/or an email campaign to be initiated upon form submission

  • update the forms in real-time

  • create new form fields and edit existing ones in real-time

  • add help text to form fields

  • add text, images, hyperlinks and embed YouTube videos on your forms

  • track all submissions and see submission timestamps

  • use forms for offline data capture 

  • duplicate existing forms

  • full multi-language support

  • lead scoring




Our data capture capabilities are designed to help Admissions and Marketing teams quickly and easily create interactive and professional-looking web forms that are intuitive, fast and effective.

Our form builder is flexible yet robust enough to leverage any function that benefits from having quick and easy data collection such as; requesting a prospectus or brochure, general requests for information, web surveys, event registration, campus tours, etc.

The form builder works by using a graphical user interface and visual editor so no technical expertise is needed.

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